Rybec has now invested in the latest window cleaning technology. The water fed pole system uses 100% pure filtered water, delivered to the window via a carbon fibre telescopic pole. The final rinse water leaves the glass perfectly clean and streak free. No waterdrop marks and no detergent residue, just perfectly clear glass.

By using the pure water system, we can also clean the window frames and sills, not just the glass as when using a regular washer and squeegee. We don’t need to use any harsh detergents or chemicals either.

We also utilise this system on glass balustrades on balconies and pool fencing, in fact on any glass at all.

The telescopic pole virtually eliminates the need for our staff to be on ladders or climb on roofs. This means we have 2 feet firmly on the ground, meeting the latest Work Health & Safety Act. By using Rybec for your Display Home window cleaning you are employing a company that uses the safest, most environmentally friendly window cleaning system available today.

Of course, for your internal windows and glass we still use a washer and squeegee for a thorough clean.

We can set in place an agreed schedule for the cleaning to the outside and inside of your windows, balcony glass and pool fencing so your windows and glass are cleaned regularly. This ensures your Display Homes are always presented to the highest possible standard.

We can even incorporate soft washing to the outside of your Display Homes in with the window cleans.

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